The Boat Hard

The boathouse is a located at the University's Watersports Centre on Mead Crescent, the building itself being for the exclusive use of SUBC. The boat house is divided into two sections, the larger side for accommodating VIIIs and the other for smaller boats. A separate building houses the Men's and Women's changing rooms, complete with warm showers, and filled with the history of old SUBC crews and captains. Finally we have a large selection of safety launches for our coaches' use.

The River Itchen

Our water training takes place on the River Itchen, a large tidal river with just over 5km's worth of rowing, fantastic for head race practice as the conditions can often be comparable to the Tideway and wide enough to allow for several boats to row side-by-side. There are several straights varying from 500m to 1500m on which we can prepare regatta starts and sprints.


It is widely acknowledged that rowers are some of the most competitive and driven athletes in sport, and as such our squads tend to train upwards of 12 times a week. SUBC utilise fully the University's Jubilee Sports Centre. This is a state-of-the-art gym, located on the University's main Highfield campus, and boasts a large selection of weights and a number of rowing machines for the squads to use. Also available is the University's smaller Team Southampton gym located at Wide Lane Sports Grounds, which normally houses at least 8 aligned rowing machines, as well as weights, squat racks, and a number of other cardio and resistance machines.

Funding of Equipment

Sponsorship and fundraising is extremely important to the club, and vital for our continued success. Racing boats are notoriously expensive, our 1st VIIIs costing in the region of £20,000. Although the Athletic Union help fund the purchase our larger boats, the club has to finance all other equipment, and running costs. We have fundraising events throughout the year, details of which will appear on our Facebook and Twitter pages.