Rowed before?

If you've rowed or sculled before, you'll find that Southampton University Boat Club is a great place to continue rowing. Each year we have an intake of a number of experienced rowers who integrate directly into our senior squads. You'll be able to start rowing and racing at a high level immediately. So if you're an experienced rower, get in touch with our Captains, or check out more about Senior Men's or Women's squads.

New to rowing?

Maybe you've never rowed before, or have only a little experience. We'll be able to involve you at a suitable level, either with our novice squads, or with other rowers of similar experience. Check out our Novice Squads if you'd like to try out rowing at Southampton, or chat with our Vice-Captains who'll be able to help out.

Want to cox?

If you would like to learn to cox at SUBC, or have coxed before and would like to join, get in touch with our Coxes Representative who'll be able to answer any questions you might have. You can also see more about our coxes here.