By far the smallest, in both size and numbers, part of SUBC are the coxes. They are made up of both novices, who have never been in a rowing boat before, and those with more experience, sometimes up to several years. Sitting in the 9th seat of an 8+, the cox’s primary role is to keep their rowers safe while they are on the water and off. After that, coxes are instrumental with helping nurture and develop the rowers in their crew, while also developing themselves. They help the athletes hone the skills that the coaches are trying to relate, and sometimes have to think on their own feet to help their crew if they are having some trouble with the more technical aspects of the sport.

Coxes also play a large role when it comes to race day. They look after their crews and make sure that they prepared to the best of their ability, mentally and physically, for the race ahead. During races they both motivate, and push their rowers, driving them to their limit, to get the fastest time possible, and hopefully a win! In summery coxes work hand-in-hand with coaches and rowers to get the best possible performance from each and every athlete in the boat.

Novice coxes who join SUBC will be supported and taught by both coaches, as well as more experienced coxswains. You will be taught everything, from stepping into the cox's seat and using a CoxBox™; to race tactics, steering, and overall boat and equipment maintenance. Experienced coxes are of course, always more than welcome at the Club. We’re a friendly bunch, so if you would like to try coxing at SUBC please contact the Coxes Rep.