The Stags Ball – 8 November 2014

Despite endless phone calls and endless e-mails to caterers, event managers, DJ and the Stags (possibly the most challenging factor out of 4!), everything paid off in the end. A fantastic night was had by all the 64 Stags that descended upon London Rowing Club. You know what they say, you can take the rowers […]

The Stags Go Racing – August 2014

It was the bank holiday weekend of August 2014 and Ross-on-Wye did not know what was about to hit them.  The pointless 8+s category was a new event this year at Ross Regatta. As university rowers, we had all rowed a lot together over the past three or four years and had formed very firm […]

Henley Royal Regatta Tea 2014

This event started in 2012 and it has become an annual one ever since. Frederick Levy who raced in the 2012 Henley VIII came up with this idea which has been a roaring success. This year, 70 stags descended on the field of Henley Cricket Club primarily to a Cava reception and also to congratulate […]