Race Information

The South Coast University Varsity Head Race


The South Coast University Varsity Head Race will be held on the 7th of February in 2015. It is conducted in a time trial format on the River Itchen. There will be two divisions, the first catering for the larger boats, and the second catering for smaller boats. Both divisions are run over the same 5km course, starting at the Itchen Bridge and finishing up at the far end of Riverside Park.

Prizes will be awarded to the wining crew of each category, provided that the category has more than three entrants. If there are less than three entrants in one event then those remaining crews maybe merged into a higher category. If any crew does not want to be moved up in this situation please let the organizing committee know when submitting your entries. You may be asked to produce your student ID cards when collecting your prizes to ensure that they are university affiliated.

The event is by invitation only. If you have not received an invitation, but are still interested in competing then please contact us.

Race Details

No athletes can race in two seperate classes, e.g. Intermediate and Senior, in the same discipline. For clarification, an athlete could compete in Sen4x in Division 1, and then Int4+ in Division 2, but not Int4x. Athlete is taken to mean members of a crew excluding the cox. A cox may cox in both divisions in different categories if they so wish. 

Multiple entries are allowed in all events.

You may substitute up to 50% of any crew, excluding the cox. Any substitutions should be declared at the earliest possible opportunity to the organizing committee. If you are substituting on the day of the event then it must be declared when you sign in before racing.

Division 1
Event Men Women
8+ Sen, Int, Nov Sen, Int, Nov
4+ Sen, Int, Nov Sen, Int, Nov
4x Sen, Int Sen, Int

Division 2
Event Men Women
4+ Sen, Int, Nov Sen, Int, Nov
4x Sen, Int Sen, Int
2- Sen, Int Sen, Int
2x Sen, Int Sen, Int
1x Sen, Int Sen, Int 


SUBC, The University of Southampton (UoS), UoS Athletic Union or Student Union cannot be held responsible for damage to equipment or injury to competitors in the event of an incident, nor liable for any costs incurred in the event of damage, injury, modification or cancellation of any event. By entering crews into the race, you agree to these terms and declare that you are adequately covered by your own insurance for the event that you are taking part in. Proof of insurance may be requested by the Race Committee.