While rowers are renowned for training hard, at SUBC we also like to relax and have fun as a club to allow us to blow of some steam from a tough weeks training. Socials are also the perfect place for new members of the Boat Club to get to know their fellow teammates and people from other squads and crews.

Every Wednesday there is a social, normally starting off at the infamous ‘Clowns’ where you will find many a rower enjoying a few beverages. The night will then carry on to the legendary nightclub ‘Jesters’, a.k.a the Palace of Dreams, in Portswood. Where some shapes will be thrown and members will dance the night away to cheesy pop music. However for those who are not so inclined to drinking we also organise a number of non-alcoholic socials throughout the year, such as bowling, laser quest, and meals out together. These are great fun and are always well attended.

On top of all of this the Club also hosts annual Christmas and Summer balls for all members of the boat club, both past and present. The Alumni often make the long trek back for a social or two throughout the year. The balls are a highlight of the calendar a great way to celebrate the clubs success throughout the year.

To find out more about the various socials going on this year, contact our Social Secretary.