After a not so bright and early 5am, we were on the road to Putney. We parked up in our usual spot and made our way through the woods towards the river, giving a helping hand to our smallest cox Eva who was drowning under layers of cake and cox boxes. After getting to the river, it was the classic case of needing to rig up four boats but everyone disappearing! After an initial first few minutes of stress we had a massive push to make the boating time along with some rallying by our male cheerleaders for the day as well as executive welly collectors (they did not live up to this name), Dom and Dan. It was great to have brought four 8+’s worth of girls, novice and senior, to the race and we made it onto the water with bags of time and did not have to wait very long in the marshaling area like we have done at previous races! After a lot of bow pair rowing on, our 1st 8+ were the first boat to spin and race, popping away the jelly babies we got down to business and enjoyed the course, especially as it was the last WEHORR with SUBC for a few of us! Everyone raced well, even when hit by the atrocious head wind between Chiswick and Hammersmith Bridges and our 1st 8+ ended up placing joint 57th, a massive 53 places up from last year and ending as the 6th University crew in IM3! Our 2nd 8+ also did well, coming 186th overall, but being the 44th University IM3 crew.

WEHORR was also a great experience for our novices who were excited but slightly daunted by the 6.8km stretch! After some great racing our 1st Novice 8+ came 16th in the novice category and 203rd overall; and our 2nd Novice 8+ came 287th. Great work girls and a good way to push on to regatta season!

After blitzing through the derigging and bidding farewell to our 1st 8+ for a bit of refurb love, and dropping the 2nd 8+ off to another club for them to use for HORR, we hit one of the pubs along the river and had lunch before heading back to Southampton for a tipple with the rest of the club at the famous Jesters Nightclub. Thanks to everyone who came to support us, including the friends and families shouting from Hammersmith Bridge and those who wined and dined their children, helping to see the end of head season out in style!

Thanks once again to the organisers for putting on a brilliant event; despite the very early start time for the race.